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Making sure you can legally tow your caravan is vital. Failure to correctly match your car and caravan weights could lead to an expensive fine and points on your licence.

Witter Towbars have teamed up with HPI to bring you easy access to TOWSAFE, the leading computer matching service. Just click on the icon below and you will have access to 225 million combinations of car and caravan weights, with the results presented in an easy to understand format, all for just £15.95 for 5 separate outfit matches.

What is TOWSAFE?

The only Car/Caravan Outfit Matching Service that can answer the question "Can my car tow this caravan safely?" TOWSAFE is the only system that can comprehensively answer this question safely and securely. Its extensive database gives fingertip access to weights and towing capacities of over 45,000 caravans and cars, including information on Nose Weight and Gross Train Weight limits.

Peace of mind for just £15.95
Price includes 5 separate outfit matches

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Remember, if your outfit is incorrectly matched you may be stopped, fined £1000 and have 3 points added to your licence. Be Safe. Be Legal.


Why is TOWSAFE indispensable and why you can't afford to ignore it. It boils down to two critical reasons: firstly, the safety of you and your family. Secondly, to ensure you stay within the law when towing.

TOWSAFE not only matches a specific car with one or more caravans, but advises on an outfit's suitability depending on driver experience.

Only TOWSAFE highlights outfits where the car manufacturer's Gross Train Weight is exceeded, or which require a B+E qualification on your driving licence.

Only TOWSAFE warns of possible restrictions to published car towing limits imposed by the manufacturer, dependent on the number of passengers and/or severity of incline, as well as advising about nose weight compatibility.

Please note that when you click through for a match you will be leaving the Witter Towbars website and entering the Towsafe website and you will be contracting direct with HPI for the Towsafe service.

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